Alison cheney
Alison Cheney
Also known as:
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: Early 21st Century CE
Doctor: 'Shalka' Doctor
First Appearance:
First Regular Appearance: The Dreamlife of Monsters
Final Regular Appearance: The Dreamlife of Monsters
Most Recent Appearance:
Actor: Sophie Okonedo

Alison was a barmaid from the village of Lannet in Lancashire in the early 21st Century CE, where she lived with her boyfriend Joe, a doctor.



Before the Doctor

Out of all the village inhabitants she was the only one who did not live in fear of the Shalka when they occupied the village. After helping the Doctor defeat them, she admitted she was going to leave Joe even before all of the Shalka problems started, and broke up with him before accepting the Master's invitation to join the Doctor on his travels.