Archer Industries
Founded:Late 24th Century CE?
  • Intolt-7 (facility abandoned)
  • Farrar-2
First Appearance:Twenty-Five Pieces of Silver

Archer Industries was an off-world human company operating in the 25th Century that specialised in (weaponised) biotech. It was one of the companies specifically targeted by a resurgant EarthGov during and after the Second Dalek War.

The Spartii Process Edit

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The Artificial Infantry Edit


Psionic Warfare Division Edit

Intolt-7 was a cold, rocky and almost airless world in the middle of galactic nowhere; discovered entirely by chance by an Archer ship with a malfunctioning primary hyper drive, even the Daleks had singularly failed to bother with it. As such, it was considered the perfect home for the corporation's secret research project hybridising artificial intelligences and radical cloning techniques in order to produce psionically-gifted disposable soldiers.

       Mindful of the disasterous GRUMPY project some 200 years previously, where the now defunct Dione-Kisumu Company unintentionally created a rampant seed AI encoded with a mathematical model of psionic powers that expressed themselves in the physical world, Archer's scientists planned to keep the powers and the intellegence controlling them seperated.