Thrust your arm into the hole. Yellow light means healthy. Blue means Changed. No one knew how it worked, but everyone in Serenity thought it was good enough reason to consign someone to the flames.

Being blasted out of hyperspace by one of her students in retaliation for something her ex-husband did, crashing into a planet that is inevitably far from the space lanes and then being eaten free of the dramatically tangled wreckage by a metre tall matter-eating insectboy has long ceased to be an extraordinary event for Bernice Summerfield.

With her and the rather less homicidal but far less stylishly dressed Emile in tow, Benny discover that her charmingly outre rescuers are fighting for their lives against far less charming people with a slight problem vis a vis racial diversity. At least the two of them are someplace that looks safe. Naturally, that won't last.

For tomorrow is Slay Night, and all the talk of sacrifice has nothing to do with a fat bloke in a red suit.

This is the first round-robin story featuring Bernice Summerfield.

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  1. "Chapter One" by James Milton
  2. "Chapter Two" by Susannah Tiller
  3. "Chapter Three" by Jon Andersen
  4. "Chapter Four" by Richard Prekodravac
  5. "Chapter Five" by
  6. "Chapter Six" by Jeffery Beuck
  7. "Chapter Seven" by Will Howells
  8. "Chapter Eight" by Matthew R. Michael
  9. "Chapter Nine" by David Robinson
  10. "Chapter Ten" by Ben Payne
  11. "Chapter Eleven" by David Whittam
  12. "Chapter Twelve" by John "Omega" Seavy






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  • Standard post-apocalyptic "us versus them" tribalism, with ancient technology viewed through lenses of mysticism and religion
  • South Park gets a shout out in chapter 3.




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