Benny Summerfield
Also known as: Bernice Surprise Summerfield, Bernice Surprise Summerfield-Kane
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Home Planet: Beta Caprisis, Dellah, The Braxiatel Collection
Home Era: 26th Century
Doctor: 7th, 8th
First Appearance:
First Regular Appearance: The Slay
Final Regular Appearance: The Adored
Most Recent Appearance: The Memory Game
Actor: Lisa Bowerman

Bernice "Benny" Surprise Summerfield was an orphan of the Dalek Wars of the 26th Century, who was subsequently brought up by a military academy she eventually rebelled against before finally blagging her way into the archeological profession. After travelling with the 7th Doctor, getting married and divorced, she would eventually gain a position as a lecturer on the university world of Dellah, followed by an academic position in the Braxiatel Collection.

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