Liz looked at Keller, who looked back at her. "You're the scientist," he said. "You tell me."

In 1830 Josiah Eagleton founded a town in Iowa. Local legend claims the decision was the result of alien contact. One hundred and fifty years later, it's become something a Mecca for those who believe in life beyond the stars.

Cambridge professor Liz Shaw — formerly of UNIT — has been hired by the MIBs as a deniable asset to visit the town to investigate disturbing rumours of genuine alien activity. What she uncovers isn't an invasion, but a conspiracy that claims the identities of unwitting newcomers. A conspiracy that's very keen to add her to its ranks.

But that's far from the only threat Eagleton offers...

This is the first round-robin story featuring Liz Shaw.

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Originally posted: 26 May 1998 - 29 January 2001


  1. "Our Identities are Irrelevant" — Cris Lawrence
  2. "An Instinct of Self-Preservation" — Vicky Jewitt
  3. "The Rendezvous" — M. Elizabeth
  4. "What's the Secret?" — David Evans
  5. "Morty's World" — Chris Nelson
  6. "Grave News" — Will Howells
  7. "Possession is the Letter of the Law" — Kris Herzog
  8. "Wormholes" — Cris Lawrence
  9. "Alien Easter Egg" — Jeff Beuck
  10. "Rein of Fire" — Tony Whitt
  11. "There Isn't One" — John Seavey



Jefferson Eng, Jeff Beuck



Jon Andersen


Cover Artist

Jon Andersen


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  • Men In Black (the comic and the films).
  • The X-Files.
  • Reign of Fire: Dragons lying dormant beneath the earth.
  • The Tok'ra from Stargate SG1, amongst a long line of worm-like intelligences using humanoid hosts.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the utroms similarly adopted human identities as they recovered from a catastrophic spaceship crash




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