Doctor Who Internet Adventure #02 - "Six Sides to Every Story"

Chapter 10
"Six Plus One Equals...Six?"
by Jenifer Jennings Hancock


"You skipped class? Great, I'm travelling with a truant!"

       The Doctor shot Grace a nasty look. "I had a good reason!" He then sat down next to Grace, crossed his legs, and rested his head in his hands.

       Merak walked out of the TARDIS and looked at Grace. "Grace, what do you have in your pocket?"

       "Another piece of the Key I guess, why?"

       "Oh, nothing. Just wanted to know why your pocket is glowing."

       As soon as he said that, the area around them began to pulsate between formless grey to black with little glowing white lights.

       "The Key!" the Doctor exclaimed. "The Key segment is breaking us out of the trap! Quick! Back in the TARDIS before we find ourselves trying to breathe in a vacuum!"

       They all piled into the TARDIS and shut the doors.

       Once inside, they switched on the scanner and saw the features outside flickered between featureless grey to starry black. Finally, the flickering stopped and they found themselves back in their own dimension.

       Grace pulled the crystal out of her pocket and stared at it. After a bit, Grace said, "The TARDIS says that this piece can lead us to the other pieces. One of the pieces they have must be fake! We still may be able to complete the key after all!"

       The Doctor clapped his hands together. "Splendid!" he cried and ran to the console. "Grace, throw me the crystal!"

       Grace did so, and the Doctor placed it on the console. "Grace, ask the TARDIS where she wants it put."

       "On top of the rotor, she'll take over from there."

       The Doctor placed the crystal on top of the rotor. A little beam of light emanated from the console and it lit the crystal, causing rainbows to appear all over the room.

       Suddenly, the light turned off.

       And the destination was still "HOME."

       "Why are we still heading there?" Merak asked in a frustrated whine.

       "I don't know," Grace whispered. "She just says she has to go there."

       "Why?" the Doctor asked.

       "I don't know. She won't tell me."

       Suddenly, the rotor stopped. The destination read "Arrived: Home."

       "Where are we?" Merak whispered.

       Suddenly, Grace cried, "Home!" Tears of happiness ran down her cheeks.

       The Doctor walked towards her, a worried look on his face. "Grace? Are you all right?"

       She looked at the Doctor, smiled, gave him a big hug and planted a firm kiss on his lips. "I'm home! Aren't you happy for me?"

       Merak looked at her strangely. "Grace?"

       She smiled at him. "No, I'm the TARDIS! Grace is running the controls for me right now!"

       Grace then ran over to the rotor, snatched the crystal, opened the doors of the craft and ran outside.

       "Grace!" the Doctor cried and ran out behind her. Merak followed close behind.

       And as soon as the Doctor and Merak got outside, they just stopped and stared, mouths wide open in shock.

       "Is that what I think it is?" Merak whispered.

       "Yes, I believe it is."

To be continued...

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