"ForestWorld will be closed, following the collapse of StarHols last year. The company folded after its star attraction, 'Paradise', was reduced to a lump of lifeless radioactive ash on G.D. 875.87 by an attack from unidentified aliens."

Oops. Wil may have chosen the wrong world for his holiday. Still, no worries - the Doctor was due back a week before the impending apocalypse, and they could just jump into the TARDIS and be off before the mysterious aliens showed up. Or, even better, maybe the Doctor could save the whole planet when he arrived.

But the Doctor never came. And now Wil is trapped on a doomed world with only a fanatical bounty hunter for company, and finds himself caught up in the hunt for a human who knows far too much for her own good.

Add to the melting pot some rebel Rutans and a few Mysterious Robed Guys, and you have a mixture from which even the Doctor might struggle to make fruit cordial... if he should ever arrive.

Because a thousand years and half a galaxy away, the Doctor is in a mess all of his own.

This is another round-robin story featuring the 8th Doctor and Wil.

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  1. Chapter One — David Burke
  2. Chapter Two — James Milton
  3. Chapter Three — Tyler Dion
  4. Chapter Four — Renton Patrick
  5. Chapter Five — Rebecca Dowgiert
  6. Chapter Six — Vicky Jewitt
  7. Chapter Seven — Ian McIntire
  8. Chapter Eight — Rebecca Dowgiert
  9. Chapter Nine — Jennifer Pinyan
  10. Chapter Ten — Jeffrey Beuck
  11. Chapter Eleven — Joel Aarons
  12. Chapter Twelve — Will Howells



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  • Chapter 4 was nominated for the (inaugral) alt.drwho.creative 1997-1998 Adric Award for Best Round Robin Chapter.
  • This story was nominated for the (inaugral) alt.drwho.creative 1997-1998 Adric Award for Best Story.

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