"Are you and your friends happy?" the stranger asked politely.

There comes a time for all of us when you just want to hang up the frock coat, throw the TARDIS key down a drain, and listen to an opera with your friends. And now that moment has come for the Doctor, as he leaves his companions and his TARDIS and vanishes into the mists of a London evening.

Wil tries to track down his friend and mentor, but even with the help of K9 it soon becomes a fruitless search. Finding a soulmate in a fellow juggler, our favourite jester soon finds himself settling down to peaceful domesticity and — perhaps — marriage.

While in another place entirely, Angela Ferris is the only one who can save the last dregs of Time Lord knowledge from a mysterious invader, while Jadi Morok is the only man who can possibly protect Angela from the evil heart of her father. But he's still got his gun so that's no biggie.

And they all lived happily ever after...


This is another round-robin story featuring the 8th Doctor, Wil, Jadi and Angela.

Certain characters in this story (mentioning no names) may be copyright the BBC, and/or Fox, and/or Virgin Publishing. Each chapter is © its author, as credited below.



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  1. Chapter One — Gregg Smith
  2. Chapter Two — Matt Michael
  3. Chapter Three — Ron Murphy
  4. Chapter Four — Will Howells
  5. Chapter Five — David Robinson
  6. Chapter Six — Pab Sungenis
  7. Chapter Seven — Robert M. Camisa
  8. Chapter Eight — C.A. Reed Jr.
  9. Chapter Nine — Cameron Dixon



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