Naked apart from a tattered green velvet loincloth, tied and nailed to the huge cross hanging above the dais, is the unconscious form of the Doctor.

The Pillar supplies Cupid with energy. Angel, the winged lady of mystery from the catacombs below the city, is stealing energy from the Pillar. And now Mammon, the charming and sophisticated owner of Club Feel, is stealing from the energy Angel's stealing from the Pillar. How much stress can one Pillar be expected to take?

And to make matters worse, the one man who could fix this mess is just a little hung up right now...

So it's up to our heroes, Jadi Morok and Angela Ferris, to save the day. With the help of a free-lovin' journalist and the mysterious River, can they untangle the web of mystery and rescue the Doctor - and maybe save the city as well? Or will Mammon and his sadistic torturer Ryan Purity have their way with them, too?

It is a time of change. A whole race could be reborn. New life could be discovered. The TARDIS may be about to change its crew. And someone will never be the same again.

This is another round-robin story featuring 8th Doctor, Jadi and Angela.

This story contains adult material that is violent and potentially disturbing in nature. No responsibility is taken for anyone who is subsequently disturbed by the content of this story.

Certain characters in this story (mentioning no names) may be copyright the BBC, and/or Fox, and/or Virgin Publishing. Each chapter is © its author, as credited below.



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  1. Chapter One — Jon Andersen
  2. Chapter Two — Gregg Smith
  3. Chapter Three — Susannah Tiller
  4. Chapter Four — Jennifer Pinyan
  5. Chapter Five — John Seavey
  6. Chapter Six — Jefferson Eng
  7. Chapter Seven — Rebecca Dowgiert
  8. Chapter Eight — Raichel Holland
  9. Chapter Nine — Paul Benson
  10. Chapter Ten — Will Howells



Jon Andersen



James J Farmer


Cover Artist

Jon Andersen


Alternate Covers

Dramatis Personae

Guest Cast


  • The Bible: crucifixion, sepulchre.
  • The Beatles song Ticket to Ride
  • Tomorrow Never Dies: Angela’s clothes in chapter 2, and Purity resembles actor Gotz Otto)
  • Medieval morality plays: demons and angels symbolism; personification in Mammon and Purity.
  • Gilbert and Sullivan’s Patience: "My Magnetic, Peripatetic Lover".
  • Marlene Dietrich: Angela's alias of 'Lena DeTrick'.
  • Club Feel, Preston, UK (by coincidence).
  • A speech by Margaret Thatcher
  • Jim Morrison’s Five to One and Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven.
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
  • Isobel Monteiro, lead singer of the band Drugstore, gives her name to, er, a drugstore.
  • The TV show Due South: River and Ray are a reference to a character and his beloved car.
  • The New Adventure Transit.
  • The movie Johnny Mnemonic amongst other cyberpunk stories: Attenuated Nerve Syndrome).
  • The 3rd Doctor story Inferno.



  • Club Feel is repeatedly referred to in the narrative as Club Feels [though this may be because of the faulty sign mentioned in the last chapter].
  • The Doctor’s note doesn’t tell River where he is [it’s written on the back, or maybe it's slightly psychic].


  • Angela runs an internal diagnostic to test for Attenuated Nerve Syndrome in her synthetic and organic navigation systems, motor systems and I/O facilities. Her anomalous organic signature is a cute ickle baby screwing up her cyberware.

Plot Victims

  • An unexplored event twenty-five years earlier where the Doctor first encountered Mammon.

Doctor Who In-jokes

  • Mammon declares, "Resistance is utterly useless, Doctor!"
  • "Look me in the eye. Pull the trigger. End my life."
  • "River! Baby! Long time no see. How are things?"
  • Indorelty (Street) is an anagram of Tyler Dion, moderator of other IAs.
  • Angela's middle name is Q (owing to a lack of response on the IA mailing lists as to what it stood for).

Fashion Victims

  • LUKE! And, to a lesser extent, DiscoPurity.

Double Entendres

  • River knocks out Jadi and steals his clothes. "No hard feelings, fella?" leading to "As soon as we are somewhere safe, I want my trousers back." (Ch. 2)
  • Bearing in mind Purity’s blond hair and blue eyes, his first name is probably short for Aryan.
  • "Feeling...insufficient?" Angela asks Jadi. (Ch. 4)
  • River and Jadi are at it again: "Help me get the Doctor up." (Ch. 6)
  • "How do you think I got so good at 'distracting' guards?" Luke asks. (Ch. 9) Actually, Luke is a walking single entendre.
  • Will: "A what*? Jadi: "Grow up. An anchor." (Ch. 10)

Dialogue Disasters

  • "I suppose I'm a hard one to convince, but frankly, I don't care what you say. I'm a madman at heart." (Ch. 6)
  • Angela’s pregnancy immediate brings back clear memories of the Otherverse: "Of course, last time this happened I hadn't had a singularity bomb integral to my design removed to fuel an interuniversal jaunt." (Ch. 8)
  • "Cruk, I wish I still had that gun I dropped stopping River from falling." Us too, Jadi. (Ch. 8)
  • The Doctor gets pretentious for no good reason (as Mammon rightly points out). "The light that is in me is darkness." (Ch. 10)

Dialogue Triumphs

  • "Now remember, pain is all in the mind. Say goodbye to your mind, Doctor." (Ch. 2)
  • The Doctor, mid-crucifixion, suggests an alternative form of interrogation. "We could sit down, have a cup of tea..." (Ch. 4)
  • Jadi explains how he knows the Doctor. "I once had a bounty on him. Our relationship has matured a lot since then." (Ch. 4)
  • Purity’s interrogation of Ray. (Ch. 5)
  • "People who wave guns around haved this bad habit of getting shot." (Ch. 8)
  • River: "I’m not Elohim, Doctor. I don’t have wings." The Doctor: "You don’t need them." (Ch. 9)
  • Mammon challenges the Doctor: "And what are you going to do if I don't, darling? Kill me? Add another death to the toll? Make a day of it?" (Ch. 10)
  • The Doctor disapproves of Angela and Jadi’s shoplifting. "Sorry, Doctor, but I thought we were supposed to be saving the world?" (Ch. 10)




  • Ray and River’s home and the Olympus Mons West transit station on Mars, around 2099 (Luke dodged the draft of the Thousand-Day War "twelve or thirteen years ago")
  • Cupid, a floating city above the planet Venus, the following few days
  • Kapone, in an unspecified century [Jadi and Angela’s home time].

Future History

Unwritten Adventures

  • An unexplored event twenty-five years earlier (~2075) where the Doctor first encountered Mammon.
  • The Doctor and River have both, independently, taken the TARDIS to earlier periods in Cupid’s history.
  • River travelled with the 6th Doctor.


  • Chapter 2 won the 1998-1999 alt.drwho.creative Adric Award for best Round Robin chapter.

The Bottom Line

Dark and violent, this story concentrates heavily on a small group of characters, telling a fairly simple story in an interesting, non-linear way. Good stuff.

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