"Don't you find this life cold and tiresome? Don't you want more? This is the ultimate. More than anything. More than everything. Experience to die for."

The serenity of a well-deserved break on a pastoral planet is soon shattered when the Doctor, Luke and Kirena witness the cold-blooded murder of one of the natives, a race human explorers have named as Lemmings. While Luke shows off his latent talents and cunning linguistics, and Kirena finds herself dragged rudely away from the action, the Doctor's investigations lead him down a very dark path.

A team of scientists and researchers are planet-side too, not entirely of their own volition, and while they puzzle over this curious civilization their employer's scheme is rapidly coming to a head. Soon, Luke's dreams are invaded just like this strange planet, and Kirena has to fight her way back into the danger zone if she is to help travelling companions both old and new.

As corporate ambitions, personal dreams and the destiny of an entire species collide, the Doctor has only to keep his friends, and everyone else who shouldn't be on the planet of the Lemmings, out of the way. Should be no problem for a man of his experience. As long as he can resist... The Experience.

This is another round-robin story featuring the 8th Doctor, Luke and Kirena.

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  1. Chapter One — Pab Sungenis
  2. Chapter Two — Paul Smith
  3. Chapter Three — Susannah Tiller
  4. Chapter Four — Ron Murphy
  5. Chapter Five — Timothy E. Jones
  6. Chapter Six — Jon Andersen
  7. Chapter Seven — Jon S. Drew
  8. Chapter Eight — Eddie Costigan
  9. Chapter Nine — Gareth Sidebottom
  10. Chapter Ten — Jennifer Pinyan
  11. Chapter Eleven — Gregg Smith
  12. Chapter Twelve — William Billingsley



Rebecca Dowgiert



Gregg Smith and Will Howels


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Jon Andersen


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  • The computer game series Lemmings: it's the closest thing to a crossover with the games you'll ever see.




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