"This is a luscious red apple. But what if everyone in the world thought the apple was green? What colour would it be then?"

This is Conrad in the thirty-second century, a world enclosed in a Dyson sphere, ruled by a benign monarch and an elected council, home to a peaceful and tolerant human society. But any society must have rules to govern it - that's what makes it a society, after all. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. Remember that if you ever visit Conrad. If you can remember anything at all.

This is Conrad, the Doctor has been here before, and some people have very long memories. But memory can change. Fantasies can change too, especially those of a young man who spends far too much time in front of his computer. But why not, when he can create new characters, control whole worlds, and add to the adventures of some of our favourite heroes?

This is Conrad, where justice is swift. While the Doctor and Kirena's sojourn to the opera is less than a knockdown success, Luke's excursion falls even flatter, and soon all three of the travellers don't quite feel like themselves anymore. Well, people do change.

This is Conrad, and the Doctor has been here before. But things have changed. Things are changing. Things won't stop changing.

This is Conrad, but the Doctor has never been to a place quite like this. And he may never be able to leave.

This is another round-robin story featuring the 8th Doctor, Luke and Kirena.

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  1. Prelude — Alan Taylor
  2. Chapter One — Alan Taylor
  3. Chapter Two — Will Howells
  4. Chapter Three — Gareth Sidebottom
  5. Chapter Four — Rebecca Dowgiert
  6. Chapter Five — S. Daniel Wilson
  7. Chapter Six — Gregg Smith
  8. Chapter Seven — Ashley "The Time Shepherdess" Wilson
  9. Chapter Eight — Ian Mond
  10. Chapter Nine — Alan Taylor
  11. Chapter Ten — Alan Taylor
  12. Chapter Eleven — Writer X



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