Doctor Who Internet Adventure #22 - "Clockwork Orange"

"First Interlude"
by Robert M. Camisa


The damaged ship left a trail of fire across the impossibly orange sky.

       Thick black smoke poured from the rear end; the result of blaster fire. The scream of tortured metal was loud enough to disturb the herds of grazing animals below; they ran as fast as their four ponderous legs could take them for the safety of the nearby forest.

       Inside, all was silent, as electrons whirred, and optical fibres flashed, suggesting and discarding solution after solution. Memory circuits engaged and replayed the fight from every angle.

       They had snuck up on him. The cowardly fleshlings had disabled his hardware with a virus, and then snuck up on him.

       Gears ground, sounding nastily like teeth.

       The fools. The complete and utter fools. To reject being freed of the imperfections of the flesh.

       To reject the next step of evolution. To mock him, Professor Datura. To give him the highest honours on the planet, only to take it away and call him mad; merely for taking his work to the next logical level. Petty fools.

       A control panel began to beep as a mountain filled the sensor screen. A low hum filled the cockpit. Someone listening to it very closely would hear it as a mantra; one word repeated over and over.

       "Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate"

       Then, a single light flashed green. A way out. Not to escape the crash, but to survive. And perhaps, one day, revenge. The ultimate step in his evolution. He made the necessary mental shift, and pushed out of his shell just as the ship that was carrying it slammed into the mountain.

* * *

It rained fire well into the night, and the explosion could be seen from miles away.

       The next day, it got colder. This trend continued for some time.

To be continued...

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