Doctor Who Internet Adventure #22 - "Clockwork Orange"

"Third Interlude"
by Robert M. Camisa


It was on the second day of hiking that Nathan Adler made the two discoveries that would change his life forever.

       First was that his fiancee was sleeping with his research partner.

       The second was the ship.

       Amazingly, the two led into one another. He had woken up early and gone hiking. As usual, he hadn't really paid attention to where he was going and had wound up half following the trail, half stumbling into it, eventually leading him to Mecca, to the holy grail. To the cave.

       And in the cave, the ship. An actual ship from another world. He looked inside in reverence-the things he'd be able to learn. Look... there... a pilots seat...and there... in something that must be a neural interface, but a thousand times more developed than the one he and Robert had at the lab... in that seat was an alien. Proof. Proof of all his and Robert's theories. He ran back along the trail and back to the campsite as fast as he could go.

       Only to discover Suzanne in Robert's sleeping bag, moving slowly and purposely above him. They were so wrapped up in what they were doing that they didn't even notice while he scouted around for the largest rock he could find.

       Robert noticed plenty when he brought the rock down on Suzanne's head.

       Poor Suzie wasn't in a position to notice much.

       Covered in blood, Robert attempted to scuttle away, begging.

       Nathan stalked after him calmly. "Had to share everything, didn't you? My work, my life, and now my fiancée? Well I've had it, and I will not stand for it."

       The rock rose and fell, crushing Robert's windpipe.

       Later, he would tell himself that the idea came from outside him. Or that it was remorse, hoping the ship would contain some way to undo what he had done. But in the few moments when he was still capable of being honest with himself, he would admit that he simply wanted to see what would happen.

       Grunting and groaning, he carried the bodies to the ship, and the waiting neural interface.

       Suzie's body was too damaged, at least that's what he assumed for there was no reaction when he laced her in the interface chair.

       When Robert's body was there, probes immediately descended and bored into the skull. A spark, a pulse, a hum, and Robert's eyes snapped open

       "Robert?" His voice was nearly a whisper

       The figure in the seat shook his head and said in a croak. "No. Not Robert."

* * *

He who used to be Datura was ecstatic. He had a way to effect repairs... and someone who clearly understood neural interfaces. Which means that the fleshlings must've evolved enough technically that they could accept his gifts.

       The waiting was over.

       The revenge could begin.

To be continued...

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