Luke smiled. "I'm never going to leave you."

When he was ten years old, Luke Bramley's life was changed by a mystery glimpsed on television, the unknown fate of an icon. Later, he found out the simple truth about those events, but the wider history remained hidden. Now, with the help of Kirena Morok and the enigmatic Doctor, he can travel back in time and witness a secret history that spanned the underworld of the USA for more than a century.

As his friends fight an alien terror fuelled by human ambition and prejudice, Luke finds himself getting too close to those whose fate is caught up in this secret history. The mystery that has haunted him since childhood is about to change his life again. The mystery that has fuelled curiosity and obsession in so many men is about to be solved. The final truth is there, waiting on the streets of LA in 1958.

And it has the power to destroy everything.

This is another round-robin story featuring the 8th Doctor, Luke and Kirena.

This story contains adult material that is violent, sexual, explicit and potentially disturbing in nature. No responsibility is taken for anyone who is subsequently disturbed by the content of this story: this one isn't comfort fiction.

Certain characters in this story (mentioning no names) may be copyright the BBC, and/or Fox, and/or Virgin Publishing. Each chapter is © its author, as credited below.



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Originally posted: 1 October 1999 - 23 June 2001


  1. Introduction — Alan Taylor and Gregg Smith
  2. "Prelude" — Richard Prekodravac
  3. "The Loneliness and Invisibility of Small Things" — Richard Prekodravac
  4. "For we look at things through different eyes, and lo – the world is changed" — Alan Taylor
  5. "Glimpses of the world I'm hitch-hiking through" — Gregg Smith
  6. "First Interlude" — Robert M. Camisa
  7. "Stories of things yet to come" — Robert M. Camisa
  8. "Causality and Its Accompanying Headaches" — Jennifer Pinyan
  9. "Ya Gotta be Subtle" — Time Lady X
  10. "Fair Sex" — Keith Murray
  11. "Second Interlude" — Robert M. Camisa
  12. "Under Vegas" — Alan Taylor
  13. "Sunset" — Matthew Harris
  14. "Going Down" — Gregg Smith & Alan Taylor
  15. "Third Interlude" — Robert M. Camisa
  16. "Music for the Masses" — Gregg Smith & Alan Taylor
  17. "Seven Hours with Peggy-Sue Holmgren" — Daniel Hall
  18. "Corona of the Lunatic King" — Gregg Smith
  19. "Good Companions" — Alan Taylor
  20. "Coda" — Alan Taylor
  21. "Epilogue" — Matthew Harris



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  • When Luke was 10, a number of famous historical corpses were exumed and reburried in some of the lunar colonies.



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