"I don't care about you and your asinine plans, and your obvious need to rule. I've had it up to here with people like you and I just want it to end. So if you're going to kill me — KILL ME!"

Still recovering from their last battle, the Doctor and his companions have finally escaped 1950s America. But the Doctor has again grown distant from those around him. He is losing sight of what is most important, of who he really is.

Kirena stepped aboard the TARDIS to escape the responsibilities of her old life. But getting involved in the affairs of eternity, and the adventures of the Doctor and Luke, is starting to affect her too deeply. And she can't seem to help falling into the emotional struggles of virtual strangers.

Luke let his mask slip. He fell in love. Now, guilt and loss have compromised his carefully crafted existence. He is a broken man. The Doctor won't allow him to shrug off these feelings, but the Doctor can't watch him all the time. And when a bitter, suicidal Luke falls into the hands of ambitious plotters, he's ripe to change out of all recognition.

While the Doctor fights to save his friends, the small matters of history, romance, and a struggle for power are falling by the wayside. This is England in the eleventh century, where national and personal conflicts are played out in blood and fire. And there can be no room for compromise.

This is another round-robin story featuring the 8th Doctor, Luke and Kirena.

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  1. Chapter One — Jennifer Pinyan
  2. Chapter Two — Rebecca Dowgiert
  3. Chapter Three — Writer X
  4. Chapter Four — Ian Mond
  5. Chapter Five — Alan Taylor
  6. Chapter Six — Robert M. Camisa
  7. Chapter Seven — Timothy E. Jones
  8. Chapter Eight — TimeLadyX
  9. Chapter Nine — Will Howells



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