I look at them both — my TARDIS and her companion — and wonder, do they actually need me at all?

It's been half a month since they started travelling together, but things are still uneasy between the Doctor and Tangerine as they grow accustomed to their unique relationships with the TARDIS. But that detente looks ready to collapse when the three of them fetch up on a world where the air is physically still and thoughts have a way of getting out of hand.

Something wonderful is being born here, and it's looking for a progenitor. When it abducts Tangerine to find it, the TARDIS is forced to undergo a startling transformation to save her. A transformation that the Doctor is far from expecting nor is sure he can reverse, and one which potentially leaves them stranded forever when the architects of what has happened reveal themselves.

What happens as a result is going to change the relationship the three of them share forever and fulfil a promise made regenerations ago..

This is the first round-robin story featuring the 8th Doctor, Tangerine and their mutual friend.

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Originally posted: 7th March 2003 - September 2003


  1. "Sweet Little Headache" — Kevin Michael Wilcox
  2. "The Loneliness" — Timothy E. Jones
  3. "Tertiary Adjunct" — Jon Andersen
  4. "Tangerine Dreams" — Philip Alderman
  5. "Afterbirth" — Tony Whitt
  6. "Just Singing the Blues" — TimeLadyX
  7. "The Miracle of Birth" — Jeff Beuck
  8. "Independence Day" — Tim Hollis
  9. "All's Well That Ends Well... RIGHT?" — Timothy E. Jones
  10. "Choice. The problem is choice." — Jon Andersen
  11. "Window of Opportunity" — Writer X



Jeff Beuck, Jon Andersen



Jon Andersen


Cover Artist

Raichel Holland


Alternate Covers

Dramatis Personae

Guest Cast


  • The film version of 2001 (the music from chapter 2 comes from the 'evolution moment' at the beginning of the film).
  • Peter Beagle's The Last Unicorn (the transformation in chapter 3).
  • The book Shadow Star (cover art and the backstory of the characters on it).
  • Star Trek: Voyager slash fiction (Blue deliberaely looks like Jeri Ryan).
  • Helen Fayle's Book of Talesian fanfiction (TARDISes are dragons).
  • "Fangrrl Life" by Phil Pascoe (the metascience of a lesbian TARDIS).
  • The DWM comic strips (Shaydes).
  • The Matrix Reloaded and The Animatrix (certain imagery).
  • The film Gods and Monsters (certain imagery, notably Independence's adult form).




  • Blue's unique method of referring to herself is called a cojoined pronoun.
  • TARDISes (and to an extent their Pilots) are comprised of 'fictional mass' [knowledge = power, power = energy, energy = mass; someone just made up the equations defining the existence of a TARDIS].
  • Donor engrams are the copied memories of other people used to give an AI false experience.

Plot Victims

Doctor Who In-jokes

Fashion Victims

Double Entendres

Dialogue Disasters

Dialogue Triumphs

  • "The man seemed to brighten. "I say, the seven of us are going to have a game of Monopoly. Fancy joining in? We'll let you be the Scotty dog." (Ch. 4)


  • Austen and Jethro used to watch holosoaps at the Intolt-7 research facility (Twenty-Five Pieces of Silver).
  • The Doctor carries a Gallifreyan Army knife in his pants pocket.
  • TARDISes have a literal window to their 'soul'.
  • There's a smiley face sticker on the underside of the TARDIS console.
  • The TARDIS observatory is an immersive simularity chamber (Lucifer Rising).



  • Tacitus, unspecified time.
  • The Temporal Vortex.

Future History

Unwritten Adventures

  • Tangerine has been in the TARDIS for half a month prior to the events of this story; she has killed seven times since first being embodied.

The Bottom Line

With events clearly building towards a version of the Time War that was the 8th Doctor's ultimate legacy across numerous media, external events conspired to make him yesterday's news and brought his story in the IAs to a fascinating and entirely premature end.

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