"The future isn't all chrome and rocket ships and little blue men coming in peace you know," the Doctor tuts like a weary schoolmarm from inside the time ship. "All too often, the future is more of the same."

Alison Chenney was an ordinary woman in a ordinary part of England leading an ordinary life until it was all rather rudely interrupted by alien invaders. That was when she met the troubled stranger calling himself the Doctor, and his best friends - a sentient police box and the urbane mass murderer trapped inside it. He saved her life, and promised to show her the pyramids.

She didn't expect him to take her to another planet several hundred years in the future to do it. A planet where the appearance of an alien monolith and four simple words accompanying it turns everything on its head. People she'd expect to be on her side are suddenly doing things they shouldn't, and the monsters entering the dreams of this world become her only hope of salvation.

That's when the panic finally kicks in.

This is the first round-robin story featuring the 'Shalka' Doctor, The Master and Alison.

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Originally posted: 16 April 2004 - 2 August 2004


  1. "Falling Stars" — Jon Andersen
  2. "The Only Thing You Have To Fear..." — Aron Toman
  3. "This Bird Has Flown" — Rebecca 'Bex' Dowgiert
  4. "There Be No Shelter Here" — Ian McIntire
  5. "Devil Ex Machina" — William Billingsley
  6. "The Dream Life of Robots" — Jeff Beuck
  7. "Revelations" — Molly Schlemmer
  8. "Dreams Never End" — Cameron Mason



Jon Andersen



Raichel Holland


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Jon Andersen


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  • The film Immortel Ad Vitim, a French "foreign language" film (in English) adapting the first volume of the Nikopol Trilogy by Enki Bilal.
  • The RPG Changeling: the Dreaming by White Wolf Game Studios.




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Doctor Who In-jokes

  • Argolis is last seen as a desert world visited by the 4th Doctor. Ignoring the possibility of different time periods, the fact it rained on a return visit says a lot about the 'Shalka' Doctor's sunny disposition.

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  • At some point prior to Scream of the Shalka, this Doctor took a vacation cruise to Argolis. It rained, placing it significantly before or after the events of The Leisure Hive.

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