"By my calculations, we should have the ten of you here for the commencement of the game."

The Doctor has lead a long, exciting, dangerous and sometimes tragic life. A life that has touched literally the entire universe. A life that a precious handful have been invited to share. A life that someone has decided is worthy of commemorating on a planetary scale, down to the most exacting detail. And they've invited every incarnation of the Doctor they can find to make sure they've got it right.

But there's something baleful behind this veneration. Something with an understanding of Time Lord technology and how to apply it. Something that has no compunction about trapping and extorting compliance from its supposed idol. Something that needs him to re-enact the hurt and loss of his past lives.

If there's one thing the creators of the museum should have learnt, it's that there's one thing you should never ever put in a trap.

This is another round-robin story featuring the Doctor - all of them, and then some.

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Originally posted: 18 September 2006 — ???


  1. "Planet of Memories" — TimeLadyX
  2. "The Gathering Storm" — Blue Mystique
  3. "Things Best Forgotten" — Cameron Mason
  4. "And Then There Was One" — Aron Toman
  5. "Play It Again, Doctor" — Molly Schlemmer
  6. "Emo Doc" — warinbabylon






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