In 1994 Virgin published The Discontinuity Guide, a loving deconstruction of the Doctor Who television series. Apart from humourously "drawing attention to the errors and absurdities that are among the most loveable features of Doctor Who, [the] reference book [provided] a complete analysis of the story-by-story creation of the Doctor Who universe" for the first 26 years it was broadcast by the BBC.

Naturally, the bit of fun that was the format of the book's critique was going to be adapted by the fans to all the facets of Who that had evolved since the end of 1989. Like it has here.

What does it all mean?

Roots: In this section, we look at the other texts that have (or might have) influenced Doctor Who. Highlights links that may or may not be obvious, as well as interesting quotations and derivative one-liners. Essentially, a monitor of pop-culture and personal favourites of the writers.

Fluffs: Basically someone flubs their lines, which in the written medium means the writer's accidentially gotten some minor facet of intra-story continuity wrong somehow (such as mispelling a character's name or misreferencing something).

Goofs: This covers accidental cock-ups, intential aspects that just don't work, and gaping plot wholes you could pilot a small moon through.

Technobabble: Exactly what it sounds like, regardless if it's cutting edge scientific theory or some totally nonsensical and/or fantastical hand waving.

Plot Victims: Not so much plot holes as threads left unresolved, and questions unanswered.

Doctor Who In-Jokes: Metatextual references to fandom and behind the scenes goings-on relating to the series in all its forms.

Fashion Victims: Self explanatory.

Double Entendres: Dialogue with a dual meaning - something riffing around 'act' is an old favourite of this section. The secondary meaning doesn't have to be sexual, though frequently ends up being so.

Dialogue Disasters: There are times when you read something and want to hurl the text across the room, or crawl behind the sofa. These are the cause of such moments.

Dialogue Triumphs: A ying to the yang thing, something that makes your toes tingle because it's that good. Of special note are lines that shine beyond the context of their creation.

Continuity: A listing of anything of potential importance to the ever expanding tapestry of the Doctor Who universe. A key fact about a planet or race, for example, has a place in this section whether it will ever be referred to again or not.

This section is further subdivided as follows:
Links: Direct references to other "transmitted" stories not featured in other categories.
Location: The stated place(s) and time(s) the adventure takes place in.
Future History: The vision of Earth history in Doctor Who occurring after the date the story is written. Can also include the show's alternate history (for instance, things like the Martian Invasion that takes place during the New Adventure The Dying Days.
Untelevised Adventures: Incidents mentioned but not seen. Includes the Doctor's habit of name dropping (like teaching Isaac Walton to fish).

The Bottom Line: Is it any good?

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