Jadi Morok
Also known as: Josiv Adirun Morok
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Home Planet: Kapone
Home Era:
Doctor: 8th
First Appearance: DeathRace
First Regular Appearance: Revolution 9
Final Regular Appearance: Ticket to Writhe
Most Recent Appearance: Remiel
Actor: Val Kilmer

Josiv Adirun Morok, called Jadi, was a member of the Guild of Bounty Hunters on Kapone. He travelled for a time with the 8th Doctor.


Heterosexual — comfortably enough so that willing to be playful and dance with Luke at his wedding — usually unshaven and casually dressed. If you're struggling for a physical description, think a young Val Kilmer. A loner, he is not very trusting of most people; though he would trust Kirena to be able to look after herself — at least, prior to the events of Remiel — and the Doctor too, it's something he might not do with anyone else in his life, including Angela.

       Physically capable and often violent, he is rarely without his blaster or an escape route. Despite his rough trade and manner, he can be very tender and understanding (even if he is a bit uncomfortable about it). He's a bit of a firebrand and has been known to end up in over his head. Though not the brightest spark in the fire, he is relatively intelligent, can be very cunning and manages the odd wise-crack.

       Kirena and Angela — and later, their daughter — are the most important people in his life.

Life Before the Doctor

The youngest of a large family, Jadi was brought up by his eldest sibling Kirena when his mother died giving birth to him. First met the Doctor in DeathRace!, which ended with him rushing off to help his sister Kirena after receiving an urgent and cryptic e-mail from her.       

Life With The Doctor

       He was pursuing Angela Ferris when he met the Doctor and Wil Young in Revolution 9, and both Jadi and Angela ended up aboard the TARDIS. During the course of their adventures, the bounty hunter and his bounty fell — madly, passionately, sometimes confrontationally — in love and got married at the end of Ticket to Writhe before the pair left the TARDIS and settled back on his home planet of Kapone.       

Life After The Doctor