"It's not nice to delay the inevitable. I will the Universe and all will be mine."

A pleasant day's fishing on Ancient Mars turns decidedly sour for the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria when their arrival coincides with an Osirian invasion. The pacifistic Martians could stand no chance against such a race; but as the Doctor watches the pages of history turn, there are more complex games afoot.

Why is the Osirian Kahentan so eager to excavate the remains of an ancient colony? Why has he been followed from Phaester Osiris? And why does Mars have only one moon when the Doctor knows that it should have two?

Plans laid over centuries come to fruition, and events here will effect the millenia to come. As the Doctor meets the first of Ice Warriors, it truly is a Red Dawn.

This is the first round-robin story featuring the 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. The adventure takes place somewhere between The Ice Warriors and The Web of Fear.

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  1. "Angling for Trouble" — Tyler "The Clown" Dion
  2. "Mars Attacks" — Brad Trechak
  3. "Sskrantz and Ssturn are...?" — Chris Nelson
  4. "The Sleeper Must Awaken" or "Victoria's Not Too Great Adventure"" — Kris "Antiwesley" Herzog
  5. "Diplomatic Immunity Syndrome" — Ian "The Moderator" McIntire
  6. "The Story of Kohentan" — Louise Dennis
  7. "Discosutekh" — Jeff Beuck
  8. "New Moon" — David Burke
  9. "Master of Mars" — Joe Mason
  10. "A Martyr For All Occasions" — Jefferies Eng



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