"Hush. That might have happened for you but it hasn't happened to me yet, so I don't want to hear about it."

Attending a wedding of an old friend, the Doctor begins the tale of Verrazano 4, a planet in the midst of a revolution, and one with which the Time Lord appears to have a strange connection.

While the opposing armies both attempt to use the Doctor to their own ends, universe-spanning powers use Verrazano itself as a pawn in their galactic chess game. Time and again, the Doctor arrives on Verrazano 4, leaving it thinking that all loose ends have been sewn up, but events conspire to bring him back to the planet.

Will his work there ever be finished?

This is the first round-robin story featuring the first eight Doctors, along with Vicki, Steven, Jamie, Victoria, Sarah, K-9, Romana, Tegan, Nyssa, Peri, Benny, Roz, Chris, Sam, and Jadi. This story takes place between (deep breath) The Time Meddler & Empire of Glass, Twilight of the Gods & The Dark Path, Death to the Daleks & The Ghosts of N-Space, The Well-Mannered War & The Leisure Hive, The Sands of Time & Snakedance, The Two Doctors & Timelash, Toy Soldiers & Head Games, and Timewar & Vampire Science.

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  1. Chapter 1 — Jason A. Miller
  2. Chapter 2 — Becky Dowgiert
  3. Chapter 3 — Jefferson Eng
  4. Chapter 4 — Jeff Beuck
  5. Chapter 5 — Will Howells
  6. Chapter 6 — Ian McIntire
  7. Chapter 7 — David Robinson
  8. Chapter 8 — Vicky Jewitt
  9. Chapter 9 — Alden Bates
  10. Chapter 10 —Joel Aarons
  11. Chapter 11 — David Whittam
  12. Chapter 12 — JJF



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