What do you mean you've never heard of the Jekketatve? It's the biggest test of skill and endurance in the known universe! Warriors and martial artists from all over the cosmos arrive at a single location, and compete within simple rules: the last creature to remain living is the winner!

This year we've got a bumper crop of talent; a telekinetic monk named Piku, he's one of the favourites. They say he can shatter the spine of a swamposaurus with just one glance. Or if you'd rather back brute force, what about the toughest Androgum ever, Scarbrow of the Talstone Grig? You wouldn't bet against either of them walking out the winner!

But if you want to back a real outsider, what about this gentleman; the first of his race ever to compete in a Jekketatve, he is. An expert in Venusian Aikido, qualified in half a million things. A noted criminal. You might have heard of him actually - he calls himself "The Doctor"...

This is another round-robin story featuring 3rd Doctor and Jo. This adventure takes place between The Daemons and Day of the Daleks.

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  1. Chapter 1 — Geoffrey Wessel
  2. Chapter 2 — Bruce Greenwood
  3. Chapter 3 — Tyler Dion
  4. Chapter 4 — Jon Andersen
  5. Chapter 5 — Kris Alvarenga
  6. Chapter 6 — Keith Fletcher
  7. Chapter 7 — Ian McIntire
  8. Chapter 8 — David Versace
  9. Chapter 9 — Kris "Antiwesley" Herzog
  10. Chapter 10 — Ed Matuskey
  11. Chapter 11 — Ben Payne



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