"I love you, Zoe Herriot." He sighs. "I've loved you even when I've loved others. For thirteen thousand years, I've loved you. I lost you then and I couldn't bear to lose you again."

They say time is fleeting, life short. But this is not the case for everyone. And it is not the case for Aedison Boddy. To some he is a leader, to others a god, and to a few desperate individuals he is the oldest of enemies. Once a scientist and explorer, he is now leader of the System, an inhabited structure spanning three hundred millions miles, powered by a star encased at its centre. The lives of countless humans and aliens are in his capable hands. But they are no longer his main concern.

The Doctor has met Aedison Boddy many times before, but his arrival in the System is not part of Aedison's plans. Particularly since the Doctor and his friend Jamie Macrimmon are currently travelling with a young woman named Zoe Herriot. Aedison may be a stranger to Zoe, but she is very important to him.

As Jamie and the Doctor struggle to find out who is behind the terrorist attacks on the System and who is turning Aedison's most trusted staff against him, Zoe's future is about to collide with her present. Aedison may be able to live forever, but as his past finally catches up with him can he live his dream?

This is the first round-robin story featuring the 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe. This story takes place between The Wheel in Space and The War Games.

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  1. Chapter One — K. M. Wilcox
  2. Chapter Two — Joel Aarons
  3. Chapter Three — Tim Rush
  4. Chapter Four — Jeff Bueck
  5. Chapter Five — James J. Farmer
  6. Chapter Six — Gregg Smith
  7. Chapter Seven — Tony Whitt
  8. Chapter Eight — Time Lady X
  9. Chapter Nine — Will Howells
  10. Chapter Ten — Paul Benson
  11. Chapter Eleven by Rebecca Dowgiert



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  • Chapter 1 was nominated for the 1999-2000 alt.drwho.creative Adric Award for Best Round Robin Chapter.
  • Aedison Boddy was nominated for the 1999-2000 alt.drwho.creative Adric Award for Best Character.

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