Doctor Who Missing Internet Adventure #18 - "Festivals of Light and Darkness"

Chapter 3
"Peripheral Visionary"
by Miss Stella


"Here she is at last," Mrs. Gormonghast said as Nyssa came into the room, yawning…

       Tegan couldn’t even imagine that what had just happened had actually happened. And in a place that the Doctor had told them nothing wrong COULD happen. She looked at her watch and gave it a perplexed look..

       "No words for me this morning?" Nyssa asked, walking over to Tegan, laying her hands around Tegan's shoulders.

       "I could have sworn my watch had no hands just a minute ago…"

       “What, deary?” Mrs. Gormonghast looked over to Tegan.

       "Nothing…" Nyssa was trying to tickle Tegan’s ear with her hair. Tegan waved her away.

       "Mrs. Gormonghast, exactly who is that box?…".

* * *


The train sped up faster, almost as if it welcomed the light as much as the Doctor did, only the Doctor would have much rather been shut up in the nothingness that he was in earlier. Shut out from what was happening like a child would have been from a family discussion at the dinner table involving something scandalous that little ears with big mouths shouldn’t listen to. No. He couldn’t stay locked up, away from everything else. He had more important things to worry about than himself at this point..

       Tegan, Nyssa. The dear Mrs. Gormonghast. And bigger fish to fry. .

       Much bigger fish..

* * *


"Oh, I don't rightly know, dear. He's here now, at any rate, though…".

       Nyssa tried to play with Tegan’s ears again, only to get waved away once more. "Oh, you’re no fun!" Nyssa said, childishly, pulling up a chair and sitting down….

       "She’s here at last," Mrs. Gormonghast said, Nyssa walking….

       Oh no! Tegan thought to herself. It's happening again... Where’s the Doctor when you need him? He’s been away for too long….

       Up in the room, the box chortled happily, "Time, Tegan. We have all the time in the world…" The box laughed maniacally, trying to find something else to dig its mischievous fingers into... figuratively speaking…

To be continued...

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