The Doctor smiled gently at her. "It's not too much to ask, is it? I know a place where we can stay, one of the few places in the universe where I can really relax."

After so much chaos and drama, the Doctor has finally kept a promise to his companions and taken them on holiday. While he's messing around on trains, Nyssa and Tegan take advantage of a lazy morning idyll to bask in the glow of their new romance.

Then the box arrives. Before anyone knows it, Time and Space begin to twist as the intelligence within begins manipulating them for its own perverse entertainment until the Doctor is confronted with a future that technically speaking isn't his.

Something which can also be said for the son calling for his help, trying to win back his Independence...

This is the first round-robin story featuring the 5th Doctor, Nyssa & Tegan. This story takes place between The Exiled Ones and Snakedance.

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Originally posted: 15 May 2000 - 6 September 2000


  1. "Apocalypse Box" — Jon Andersen
  2. "In A Pickle" — Mark Phippen
  3. "Peripheral Visionary" — Miss Stella
  4. "Time of No Reply" — Philip Alderman
  5. "Daze of Future Past" — Mark Newman
  6. "Remembrance of Things Past, or Haven't I Foiled Your Plans Somewhere Before?" — Tony Whitt
  7. "It's Dark Out There!" — Pat Hendren
  8. "Anything Box" — The Outsider



Jon Andersen



Jon Andersen


Cover Artist

K. Michael Wilcox


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Dramatis Personae

Guest Cast


  • Enemy Mine: Jeriba Shigan is named for the Drac main character in this story.
  • Babylon 5 / Crusade: Story title & the appearance of the titular Apocalypse Box in chapter 1.
  • Slash fiction: The Nyssa/Tegan relationship was inspired by queer Dr Who fandom, including the zine "Bog Off!"


  • Mrs. Gormenghast, er... Gorhenghast, um... Mrs. Gormonghast, or is that really Gormanghest?



Plot Victims

  • The deus ex machina appearance of the humanoid TARDIS: Some three years before Not Even A Whisper, this may retroactively have been our first glimpse to Independence without realising it.
  • Poor Jeriba gets written in and out on a whim.

Doctor Who In-jokes

  • All Creatures Great and Small: The 5th Doctor makes apassing reference to Darrowby, where Peter Davison played young Tristan Farnon.
  • The Doctor:
"Confused? It's like we're stuck in a story where the plot is being written by eight different people who have no idea where it's going next, in what tense it's going to be written, or how to use proper grammar and spelling! Of course I'm confused."

Fashion Victims

Double Entendres

Dialogue Disasters

Dialogue Triumphs


  • Nyssa and Tegan have become lovers at some point following their reunion at the end of Arc of Infinity


  • The fifth Doctor's tooling around in a train comes from his remarking upon his fondness for steam trains in Black Orchid.
  • The humanoid TARDIS addressing the Doctor as 'father' has retroactively become the first appearance of Independence, who debuted in Not Even A Whisper.


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