"The next case," the court officer bellowed out, "the criminal masterminds known as 'The Doctor' and 'Romana' vs. the people of the planet of Paradise-1."

The planet of Paradise-1 was a tropical heaven. What makes the planet all the more interesting was that there are scores of alien races, often inimical to each other, that when they pay a visit just can't be bothered with each other. There is, of course, the occasional exception; unsurprisingly one such incident coincides with the Doctor, Romana and K-9 arriving for a holiday after the kurfuffle on Argolis

Framed for murder, the time travellers are railroaded straight to Paradise-2, a hell-hole where they are condemned to imprisonment in virtual realities built from their own fantasies that will become their own living nightmare for the rest of eternity while their mindless bodies are left to rot.

There's something nasty crawling under the skin of Paradise, but will the Doctor and Romana be able to turn their back on their marriage and their child to do anything about it?

This is the first round-robin story featuring the 4th Doctor, Romana & K-9. This story takes place between The Leisure Hive and Meglos.

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Originally posted: 11 October 2001 - 3 January 2002


  1. "What Thoughts Are Fantasies, What Memories Real?" — Timothy E. Jones
  2. "Dreams Take Flight" — TimeLadyX
  3. "One Man's Fantasy" — Greg McCambley
  4. "Deterioration of Memory" or "Pardon Me, My Mind Must Be Going" — Kevin Michael Wilcox
  5. "Is This The Real Life, Or... (and then something about a landslide)" — Cameron Dixon
  6. "The Ending and the Beginning" — Greg McCambley
  7. "Alpha and Omega" — Tony Whitt (2 parts)



Timothy E. Jones



Jon Andersen


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K. Michael Wilcox


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  • The Leisure Hive:
  • The Outer Limits episode "The Sentence": Virtual reality prison time.




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  • Paradise-1 & Paradise-2, twin worlds situated in the central orbital track of the Hydrarioun system.

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