The Doctor rolled his eyes. "Just a cave? Do you always just go with the most obvious reality that you see in front of you?"

Having just saved the planet yet again, the Doctor decides to drop in on a friend for a few quiet uneventful rounds of golf.

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This is the first round-robin story featuring the 10th Doctor. It takes place between Planet of the Dead and The Waters of Mars.

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Originally posted: 29 April 2010 - 27 July 2010


  1. "Putting on the Green" — TimeLadyX
  2. "Episode Two" — David Evans
  3. "Like Sands Through the Hourglass" — Julie Swift
  4. "A Day in the Life" — Raichel Holland
  5. "Heads in the Sand" — Jeff Bueck
  6. "Sudden Death" — Philip Alderman
  7. "For Everyone There Is A Time" — Jon Andersen (2 Parts)



Jeff Bueck




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Jon Andersen


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  • The well publicised infidelities of Tiger Woods.
  • American golfing culture.
  • She-Hulk #27 (2007) onwards: shapechanging alien bounty hunters in an RV.
  • Death's Head: Freelance peacekeeping agents. Yes?
  • Space Balls: the RV has taken on the appearance of a flying recreational vehicle like the 'Eagle 5'.
  • Days of Our Lives: Some chapter titles.
  • Judge Dredd: Sidotti and Mek are basically using the Mk II Lawgivers from the Stallone movie adaption.
  • Ulysses 31: Zotrans.




  • The freelance peacekeeping agents use perception filters, which force people to rationalise the unusual into something that makes sense to their world view. This tech is also utilised by their vehicle, which also benefits from standard gear like navigational deflectors and cloaking shrouds.
  • They also use sidearms that fire cannister rounds, smart munitions that contain a voice-programable nano-swarm capable of producing a number of effects.
  • Cultures that have developed faster than light communications are referred to as post-neutrino, while those who can just travel FTL are referred to as super-luminal.

Plot Victims

Doctor Who In-jokes

Fashion Victims

  • The Doctor's golfing tweeds.

Double Entendres

  • While not quite a double entendre, the opening passages of chapter 4 appear to indicate a mundane terrestial situation until the reveal of the front window opening into warp space.

Dialogue Disasters

Dialogue Triumphs


  • The weapon signatures of Daleks are as yet unknown to the rest of the Milky Way during this time period (likely due to the event horizon of the Time War). Sontarrans are however well known, and referred to derrogatively as 'stumps'.
  • The currency of the galactic economy is the mazuma, while the standard lingua franca is known as Interlac.


  • Reference is made to the after effects of the numerous defeated alien invasions of modern day Earth during the RTD era of the series.


Isleworth Golf Club, Florida USA, November 28, 2009. The office of the Shadow Architect, roughly similar time period

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