"I wish I knew what to do. I feel like the galaxy is unravelling around me. I am not going down in history as the man who started the war."

As humans measure time, it is the 26th Century of the Common Era. The Federation and the Draconian Empire stand together in a tenuous alliance against the Daleks; if the most ruthless creatures in the universe wish to conquor the galaxy, it's an alliance they must destroy. And now it looks like they're about to get some help from their enemies themselves.

Krios Space Station has been built to combat the menace of the Dalek threat. Funded by private sources and both governments, the assassination of the Draconian Emperor at its inauguration strains relations between the two galactic powers to breaking point. When a shadowy Time Lord reveals the truth behind the murder, it falls to a small group of both races - civillian, military, noble and renegade - to thwart an insidious plan to restore an empire to glory.

If they succeed, it'll be the story of a brutal interstellar skirmish that took thousands of lives before it was halted. If they fail...

This is the first round-robin story featuring the wider universe of Doctor Who — but without the Doctor or any of his supporting cast showing up.

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  1. "Wraith" — Daniel Burnett
  2. "Labyrinth" — George Potter
  3. "Something Familiar" — M. L. Stone
  4. "They Shoot Trojan Horses, Don't They?" — John Seavey
  5. "Masks & Swords" — David 'Arclight' Kiel
  6. "As Far As We Know" — Paul Andinach
  7. "Cold Storm Rising" — David Trew
  8. "Entropy-Based Warfare" — Writer X
  9. "Cacophony of Silence" — Kris 'The Antiwesley' Herzog



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